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Asian Choice Cuisines wins Prime Minister’s Export Award

Prime Minister of Thailand Export Award

As further recognition of the success which we have achieved around the world, Thai Choice has been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister of Thailand Export Award for Distinguished Brand Name Development.

This much coveted award was presented by H.E. Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the Prime Minister of Thailand during a special ceremony at Government House in Bangkok on 23rd August 2004 .

The award recognises the tremendous success which Thai Choice has achieved in its sales to more than 50 markets worldwide where it now enjoys an excellent reputation for the "authentic taste" of Thai food. The quality and design of its packaging makes Thai Choice instantly recognisable on the shelves of some of the world’s leading supermarket chains from as far afield as Australia to Canada and from Scandinavia to Japan.

Much of the success of Thai Choice has come from its policy of only using the finest ingredients available in Thailand and using them to
develop recipes which can travel the world and satisfy the growing
demand for Thai food which is springing up everywhere.

We would like to thank our distributors and customers for their help in
enabling us to achieve this recognition, and assure them that we will
continue to work with them to bring even more success in the future.

See the photo gallery for pictures of the galla event.

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