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In Japanese cooking, a Sushi Mat or Makisu is a mat woven from bamboo and cotton string that is used in food preparation. Sushi Mat are most commonly used to make a kind of rolled sushi called makizushi (Šª‚«ŽõŽi), but they are also used to shape other soft foods such as omelets, and to squeeze excess liquid out of food.

Japanese Choice Sushi Mat consists of small bamboo sticks held together with string, and is the perfect tool for making maki sushi rolls at home.

Sushi Mat

Sushi Mat

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Sushi Mat Certifications
Prod Code: JC01.006 -GMP
Weight: 10g Shelf: -;
Size: 1.5x8.3x27.5cm Packing: 100 pieces x 1bag
BarCode: 8851978918055 Min Order: 10 ctns
Dim: 24x43x32 Pallet: 56 cartons
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