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Tempura Sauce てんつゆ/天汁

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The Japanese name of Tempura sauce is Tentsuyu.

The recipe for Tempura Sauce, depends on the seasons and on the ingredients for which tempura sauce is being prepared. A general, all-purpose, Tempura sauce might consists of dashi, mirin, and shoyu (Japanese Style soy sauce). For ingredients with strong odors or flavors, however, sake and sugar might be used instead of mirin, or more or less shoyu might be used.

Tempura Sauce

Tempura Sauce

  • Antioxidant Properties
  • Low fat
Tempura Sauce Certifications
Prod Code: JC01.029 - ISO 9001:2008
Weight: 200 ml Shelf: 18 months;
Size: 5,2x5,2x18,7cm Packing: 200ml x 12 bottles
BarCode: 8851978918260 Min Order: 50 ctns
Dim: 18,50x23x18,50 Pallet: 192 cartons
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